How To Solve Yes No Not Given Question in IELTS Reading Module

Easy and simple step by step way to solve Yes, No, Not Given.  Sometime it is hard to figure out to get the right answer for Yes/No/Not Given Question. Enjoy easy techniques to answer IELTS Reading Questions.



True, False, Not Given Solving Tips and Tricks

  • You have to match or compare Question Statement with Passage.
  • The information given in the question is the base of your thinking.
  • The questions follow the order of the text. It means if you get one answer in the second sentence of 3rd paragraph, so next answer will find after the 2nd sentence of the 3rd para.
  • Keep Eyes on Synonyms, Antonyms and Para-phrase.
  • Important- emphasis on: if there is any Adverb, Comparison, Superlative, Number, Proper Noun, Specific Information.


How to know if the Answer is Yes, No, Not Given

Yes/True: If the statement in the question agrees exactly with the information in the passage. Careful about synonyms and phrases here and match the meaning and not words.

No/False: If the statement in the question directly opposite to or contradicts with the information in the passage. Careful about antonyms and other “little” words that qualify or change meaning such as – few, some, most, all, often, occasionally, and adverbs.

Not Given: This is the one that normally causes the most problems. Something is not given if there is no information about it in the text. Do not spend more time looking for Not Given answers because you will waste time.



How to solve Yes, No, Not Given


Step 1. First, read the instructions carefully and make sure you know if it is a Yes, No, Not Given or True, False Not Given question.

Step 2. Read two questions at a time.

Step 3. Next, underline the main ideas, keywords of the questions. Trying to understand what the whole sentence means.

Step 4. Now find the location in the passage using keywords/ideas/synonyms by skim through or scan process.

Step 5. After locating in passage, read the text phrase by phrase carefully.

Step 6. Finally, read the question again and match or compare with the information given in the passage to get the right answer.




Practice Test: Do the following Yes, No Not Given Questions.

  • The Official Guide to IELTS: P.162, 186, 196, 203, 218, 238, 274. GT- P.289, 308, 312
  • IELTS Trainer: P.81, 105, 112, 125, 142, 149, 169.
  • Cambridge IELTS 10: P.19, 29, 44, 53, 67, 100. GT- P.118, 112.
  • Cambridge IELTS 9: P.19, 24, 26, 48, 75, 89.
  • Cambridge IELTS 8: P.25, 44, 77, 99. GT- P.115
  • Cambridge IELTS 7: P.25, 42, 67, 91. GT- P.105, 115.
  • Cambridge IELTS 6: P.24, 43, 65, 92. GT- P.102, 117.
  • Cambridge IELTS 3: p.21, p.26, p.40, p.49, p.62
  • Cambridge IELTS 2: p.22, p.26, p.50, p.64, p.68, p.84, p.90
  • Cambridge IELTS 1: p.26, p.50, p70
  • IELTS Preparation & Practice: p.35, p. 51, p.57, p.62, p.65, p.95
  • Insight into IELTS: p. 55
  • Focus on IELTS: p.59



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