How To Solve Factor Matching Questions in IELTS Reading

Many students find it difficult to solve factor matching question in IELTS reading section. Now, this article will help you to choose the right answer for Factor Matching Question in IELTS reading test.


How To Recognize Factor Matching Question

There will be many options, you will be asked to choose at least 2 options.

Characteristics of the Factor Matching Question:

  • Maintain Order .
  • All answer will be found in 1/2 paragraph of the passage.
  • Topic of the question will be in the instruction section.
  • Answer can be write in any serial or order.


Technique To Solve Factor Matching Question

Step 1.  First read the instruction carefully, mark the topic. Don’t read options first.

Factor Matching Instraction

Step 2. Now go to passage, scan quickly, find the paragraph where the topic is located.

Factor Matching Keywords

Step 3. Read the para carefully, try to understand the information.

Step 4.  Underline 2/3 information related to question.

IELTS Factor Matching Question Solution

Step 5. Now read options and match with information taken from the passage. Concentrate on Synonyms and Paraphrase. Use POE (Process of Elimination) to get the correct answer.

See in Example:

1. In Option –  “Current Teaching Methods,” but in Passage – “Modern Teaching Practices.”

2. In Option –  “Cooling Systems,” but in Passage – “Mechanical Means of Ventilation


NB:  If you still confuse to choose the right answer, follow Step 4 and Step 5 again.


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