How To Solve Short Answer Questions in IELTS Reading Module

IELTS Reading Short Answer Question. Learn how to solve Short Answer question in IELTS reading.  Here is simple step by step method to solve Short Answer Question.

Tips and Tricks Short Answer Question

  • Short Answer Question maintain the same order as the text.
  • In general, these questions will usually ask you to write your answers in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. So you can answer with one word, two words or three words but no more.
  • Apply both skimming and scanning techniques to find the Answer in the text.
  • If the answer requires a number, you can write it as a numeral (eg. 25) or a word (eg. Eight) or a combination of a numeral and a word (eg. 8 million).


How To Solve Short Answer Questions

  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Read two the questions at a time.
  • Underline the keywords, Noun, and Year.
  • Think what information you need to find in the passage.
  • Careful about synonyms or paraphrases for these keywords.
  • Look out for WH words like ‘where’ and ‘who’ which indicate you should listen for specific things like places and people.
  • Go back to the passage, find the location using Keywords.
  • Read the part carefully to find the correct answer.
  • You may use your own words. You don’t have to write a complete
    sentence but it does have to be grammatically correct.


Important Note:

  • If you don’t know the meaning of any of the words in the questions, look at the other questions. They might have some associated vocabulary in them to help you guess the meaning. You can also find the relevant information of that vocabulary in the passage.
  • The answer could be one word, two words or three words but not four or more.
  • If you think you write more than three words your answer is probably wrong.


IELTS Short Answer Question Practice


Cambridge IELTS 9: p.115

Focus on IELTS: p.36, 66, 114, 169

Cambridge IELTS 2: p.8, 11, 32, 78




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