How To Solve Classification Question In IELTS Reading Module

Classification Question in IELTS reading section Step By Step Solution. Now, this article will help you to choose the right answer for Classify Question in IELTS reading test.


How to recognize classification question

You will recognize this question by the word “Classification” or “Classify” in the instruction. Ex. Classify the following statement.


Characteristics of Classification Question

  • Maintain Serial
  • All answer will be found in a specific para. (in general, 1/2 para)
  • There will be few Topic in the instruction



How To Solve Classification

Step 1.  First read the instruction, mark the topics and try to understand them. Don’t read questions first.


How to Solve Classification question

Step 2. Now go to passage, scan quickly, find the Topic Location.

Classification Question in IELTS

Step 3. Read about the Topic, try to understand the information. Underline 2/3 information related to Topic.

Step 4.  Now read Questions and match with Topic information taken from the passage. Concentrate on Synonyms, Comparison, and Paraphrase.

Step 5. If you still confuse to choose the right answer, follow Step 3, and Step 4 again.


Note. To solve last 2/3 questions, first read the questions and locate the information in the passage.



Now Practice More IELTS Classification Questions

  1. Cambridge IELTS 8: P48
  2. Cambridge 7: P42
  3. IELTS Trainer:
  4. The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS:
  5. Focus on IELTS: p.149
  6. Cambridge IELTS 2: p.35, p.57, p.59, p.82
  7. Cambridge IELTS 3: p.13, p.79, p.82
  8. IELTS Preparation & Practice (L&S): p.38


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