Techniques To Increase Your Reading Speed

Techniques to increase your speed
Learn to use the following techniques separately, to switch automatically and to use several at one time:

Skimming: Skim the text to obtain general information. Think about the general information and not the detail. Don’t underline.
• Scanning: Scan for specific detail only; don’t concentrate on the meaning of the text. If you start to read, or even to skim, you will find it more difficult to locate your words.
• Skim and read: Skim a text, and stop at particular points to look at the meaning. Use the questions to guide you around the text.
Scan and skim: When you scan a text for a specific word , your eye touches the other information lightly. Because your focus is on the scanning, your eye skims the text naturally and does not slow you down. You need to practice to build your confidence.

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