How To Solve Completing Summaries with and without a Wordlist in IELTS Reading Module

How to solve summery with or without wordlist in IELTS reading passage, a simple solution discuss here with step by step process. In this type of question, candidates are asked to ONE WORD ONLY to complete a summary on the given topic.


Step:  1
• Check the instructions to find the word limit. It is usually one/two or three words
– always keep this in mind.
• Also check if you can use a word/phrase more than once.
• Skim the summary first to get an idea of the overall meaning.
• Work out the grammar needed to fill in each space.
• When you are working out the answers, say the word blank for the space. Don’t jump across to the word on the other side of the blank. For example, if you read Candidates need to pay to detail, it is more difficult to feel what the missing word is. If you read Candidates need to pay —— to detail, it is easier to predict the missing word.


IELTS Reading Summery Completion

Step 2

• Use collocation of words and ideas where possible to predict the answer and then check the text.
• Try to predict the answer by giving your own word. It is easier to match your own word than an empty space.
• Predict using general words. For example, you may know that the blank is a person. Look for this in the passage.
• The more aware you are of the general idea of the text, the closer your answer will be.
• If you are asked to complete with up to three words, try to think of a general word.



Step 3
• Look at the text and match your words with words in the passage.
• Be careful with any changes in the grammatical form of a word.
• Skim the summary again with your words in place to check the overall meaning and then, if you have time, skim the text.
• When you put the answers in the Answer Sheet check the spelling is correct.
• If you have a wordlist, note the words/phrases in the list will usually have letters attached, A, B, C. etc. So you will only have to write a letter in the Answer Sheet.
• Read the list and insert the words/phrases one at a time, isolating the relevant grammar. This helps you see if the items are correct and fill the other blanks.






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