How To Solve Multiple Choice Questions in IELTS Reading Module

A number of ways you can solve multiple choice questions in IELTS reading passages.  Here we will discuss specific points and step by step guide to boost your score in IELTS.


Multiple Choice Questions
There are three types of multiple choice questions in the IELTS reading exam.

Type 1. Where there is one possible answer.

Multiple Choice one possible answer

Type 2. Where there are multiple answers for only one mark.

Multiple Choice multiple answers for only one mark

Type 3. Where there are multiple answers and one mark for each.

Multiple Choice multiple answers and one mark for each


Tips For IELTS Multiple Choice Questions

  • Maintain Serial (if the 1st questions answer found in the 2nd paragraph, then the next question answer will find in the same paragraph or in 3rd paragraph or next one, but not in the 1st paragraph )
  • Read the question carefully, understand what is it about.
  • Avoid Trap in Option:
    1. Statement in the question can be directly opposite with the information in the passage
    2. Use of wrong comparison
    3. Use of irrelevant information
  • Location of the answer can be found anywhere in the Passage
  • Use of synonyms and paraphrase .
  • Don’t read the option first.
  • Use POE (Process of Elimination) to get the correct answer.
  • Use Keywords, Name, Date/Years to Scan in the passage.



How to do the multiple choice questions

Technique 1: 

  •  Read the instructions carefully and check how many letters you need to circle.
  •  Skim all the questions and the answer choices quickly. As you do this,
  • — underline the keywords (the words that give you the most information
  • —  try to get an idea of the topic you will be reading about from the vocabulary of the questions.
  • — look at any illustrations or diagrams that go with the text.
  • Go back to the first question. Decide if you are looking for specific information or whether the question requires you to understand the whole text . Then either scan or skim the text, as appropriate, to find the answer.
  • Read the relevant part of the text very carefully.
  • Don’t leave any questions unanswered.


* to read the stem or question carefully.
* to eliminate unlikely answers.



Technique 2:

Step 1: Read two questions at a time. Mark Keywords.  Don’t read option this time.

Step 2. Get the main idea of the question. If there is any Preposition or Verb  at the end of the question, try to emphasis on them.

Step 3: Now, got to passage and find the location by Scan or Skim Through process.

Step 4: After locating in the passage try to get 2-3 ideas related to the question.

Step 5: Go back to the options and match with your 2-3 ideas.  Use POE to the Right Answer.



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